New Collection

By Caryl  ®

You break it, we pay it

By Caryl   ®

Unique, stylish and unbreakable vases specially designed
for displaying your flowers or accessories.

We believe in the comfort and safety to use vases in all area types and conditions.
Therefore, we created a collection entirely from break-resistant polycarbonate to fulfil this diversity of needs.

Our collection is available in 39 different shapes & sizes, matching your specific needs as a professional.

Use it as a vase, an aquarium, or simply store your umbrellas at the front door, the possibilities are limitless with this vase collection By Caryl. 



By Caryl  ®


Polycarbonate is the most impact-resistant plastic glazing material. It is practically unbreakable.

Easy to clean

Polycarbonate is dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned with washing-up liquids. Our vases are therefore very easy to clean. 

Diamond look

Polycarbonate has an 89% color reflection, which ensures a great diamond look.

Sustainably produced 

As a new and high-quality brand, By Caryl is - of course - a BSCI participant. You can be sure that our vases are made under good working conditions.  

Safe to use 

Polycarbonate is about 250 times stronger than glass. It is therefore very safe to use.

Food save

This collection is chemical free and comes with a food safe certificate.


By Caryl  ®

Odoo - Voorbeeld 1 voor drie kolommen
Odoo - Voorbeeld 1 voor drie kolommen


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Interior design


our new collection

By Caryl  ®

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